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Our Process

When you're looking to achieve consistently greater growth, there are no quick fixes or easy answers. It takes patience, discipline and thought leadership. Our integrated SynGrowth™ process combines alignment of your resources, strategic planning for growth, and efficient execution of programs integrating a sound business strategy with innovative marketing and sales. This three-phased approach drives sustainable growth by integrating experienced marketing resources efficiently, where necessary, and on an ongoing basis.



Synergy people initially work with your team full-time to assess in detail your unique market position and strategic goals. Our pre-planning baseline reality check includes interviews with key stakeholders and examines industry trends, market forecasts, competitive factors and customer requirements. Overall, we discard "this is the way we've always done it" assumptions to objectively assess your organization's core competencies, strengths and weaknesses.



Based on the positioning and goals we've jointly identified, we develop an overarching marketing plan which fully leverages the four P's of marketing--product, price, placement, and promotion. This is then translated into quantifiable, actionable sales and customer plans which break new ground but allow your people to buy in completely.



With a plan in place, our people are on hand to drive the programs they've helped to create. Functioning as full-fledged members of your organization, they coordinate marketing and sales activities, coach and mentor your people, and provide management feedback. At the same time, they work on a fractional basis, assuring that you have the right professionals onside only when you need them.