At Synergy we believe in staying current with the latest and greatest concepts in strategy and marketing. As such we spend a lot of time researching and reading online. The following is a list of links to some of our favorite websites.

Harvard Business Online - brings readers original research and firsthand perspectives from leading business thinkers around the world.

Fast Company - Fast Company is the magazine for a generation of business leaders with high expectations for their companies -- and even higher expectations for themselves.

strategy+business - is a thought-leadership business magazine for senior business executives and the people who influence them. strategy+business is published by the leading global strategy and technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton.

The McKinsey Quarterly - The McKinsey Quarterly is a business journal published by the global management-consulting firm McKinsey & Company. The publication offers new ways of thinking about management in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

Bain & Company - is a global business consulting firm.

The Boston Consulting Group - The Boston Consulting Group is an international strategy and general management consulting firm whose mission is to help leading corporations create and sustain competitive advantage.